Monica Sarduy

Startup Solutions | Business Development

Monica Sarduy has a 10 year background in sales & marketing including: Advertising sales for the Miami Herald, Event Marketing for BFG Communication’s Camel Cigarettes Program, Marketing Manager for Coral Gables Acupuncture and a number of other freelance marketing projects. The variety of industries has acquired her the ability to think of simple out of the box methods to market her recent project BizNest. “My goal is to create a start up ecosystem in Coral Gables. Wynwood used to be the hip start up hub for artists and entrepreneurs in Miami…and the reality is now its virtually not affordable to start up there. At BizNest I involve all my virtual client and tenants in our marketing efforts by giving them an opportunity to cross market. Whether you are a virtual client, a tenant, or simply a meeting space user, there is opportunity to participate in our events, newsletters, social media campaigns. People want to stay in a place where they can grow. After all you spend up to 40% of your life at work. So it’s our goal to keep everyone in productive work environment. If they flourish, we stay full! Monica has increased the virtual clients by 60 percent and maintained the building fully occupied for 2 years. Outside of work, she continues freelance projects and most recently has become Deputy Treasurer and campaign manager for her husband’s judicial re-election campaign.