Iris Pitaluga LMHC, MAC, SAP

Iris Pitaluga is a licensed mental health professional and the founder of Alternatives Counseling Center, Inc.  She has provided mental health services in the state of Florida for more than twenty years. Ms. Pitaluga utilizes a holistic approach in which all aspects of healing are considered: psychological, physical, social, and spiritual.  Education is a key element in her practice. She believes that healing cannot be attained without knowledge and self-awareness.  Her objective is to reduce the myths and taboos about mental illness through education and by providing effective tools to help people achieve mind-body balance and overall wellness.  Her philosophy is that mental illness or emotional imbalance manifests as result of faulty beliefs seated in our subconscious mind, which control our responses to environmental stress and our interaction with the world.  She sustains that change is the scariest thing for humans.   We remain in miserable relationships, jobs, and situations and resist to change even when we know the right actions.  We become addicted to thinking patterns, emotions, and behaviors.   This analysis lead to the birth of the Resistance Breaker, a short-term psycho-educational protocol designed to break psychological resistance and to assist people become aware of their self-defeating habits, to take responsibility over their choices, and make a conscious commitment to change.  This protocol is designed to bring our subconscious programming into awareness and hence dis-empower the irrational programming.  The Resistance Breaker can transform people’s lives in just a few weeks, which may take months and even years using traditional methods of psychotherapy.