Time to Leverage your Feminine Factor

Throughout their lives, women are tasked with walking a very fine line. While they set their sights on a successful career, they may struggle not to lose sight of their family. When they persevere to achieve their goals, they are often labeled pushy or cutthroat {or worse}. If instinct leads them to show compassion towards a coworker, they wonder if they will be regarded as weak or a pushover. When they strive to be resolute in their decision-making, they are often pegged as stubborn and headstrong. And if they relish working as part of a team, their independence is questioned.

Instead of embracing these characteristics as strengths, women often feel compelled to stifle their personality in order to advance in the workplace. But why should that be the case? On the contrary, women can and should use what they have got—be it ambition, a strong sense of family, compassion or whatever beliefs they hold on to—in order to further their career.

Join us for an eye-opening discussion with Dr. Mercedes Jahn, MCC, world-renowned Master Certified Coach, who will delve into how women can use their female power to achieve success in the corporate world.

Dr. Jahn is a Master Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, who has been ranked by ICF statistics within the 2% of coaches with more than 10 years’ experience. Dr. Jahn founded CorpX, a corporate happiness and productivity business, in 1999 and has created a worldwide network that provides solutions to the dynamic international and local business community, including training, assessing, coaching, consulting and speaking.