When you buy hope in a bottle

I’m an addict. At least that’s what I learned from a recent and unexpected postcard from Sephora which read, “Welcome to VIB. Your beauty addiction has finally paid off.” In case you’re wondering what a VIB is, it’s something that every chic woman aspires to: a Very Important Beauty insider.” I must admit, I want the complexion of Jennifer Lopez: that flawless, sun kissed look without a single sunspot. But do I want to be labeled an “addict?” How much did I have to spend at Sephora to reach that status?

The truth is, I’d love a beauty professional to magically transform me into to a Hollywood star worthy of the Red Carpet. Unfortunately, that is about as likely for me as an Oscar nomination. So I need a Plan B. I want a beauty strategy that will make me look and feel fabulous but keeps my hard-earned money where it belongs: in a 401K or another lucrative investment.

Enter my good friend, celebrity stylist and renowned make-up artist Deborah Concepcion. With 25 years of experience in the world of beauty, appearances on The Today Show, and clients like Warner Brothers, Universal Records and Sony, she is a true beauty insider. In fact, she’s something of a magician for women like me. She has enhanced (and sometimes even transformed) my look for numerous galas and events over the years. I always look fantastic and I never feel like an “addict” or, what I like to call, a beauty product “victim.”

Talking to my female clients confirms that I am not alone. Many of the women I work with admit to spending approximately $1,000 or more per month on products that fall into the beauty category. When I shared this with Deborah and asked for her best advice for women who value both beauty and their bank accounts, she had some fascinating pro tips to share. One particularly interesting piece of advice: Invest in great brushes and even the most inexpensive make-up will automatically look and feel better.

Her approach to beauty is a lot like my approach to financial planning: invest in quality financial vehicles and you can transform your portfolio from mediocre to great. But I digress.

Please join us for an amazing peek into the world of exclusive beauty with expert Deborah Concepcion and find out how to create the look you want while putting your money to much better use.