“Inheritance 101- How To avoid being caught up stream without a paddle”

It’s a wonderful feeling when a close friend or family member tells you that they are expecting. It’s natural to cry for joy, hug, and feel an overwhelming sense of happiness when witnessing the miracle of life. Everyone likes babies, right? Birth begins the circle of life.  As part of the natural order we also… Read more

What can I do about having to take care of my aging parents? And how do I plan for myself? Doesn’t Medicare cover all of my parents’ needs?

Part of growing up is getting to do exciting things. Going to weddings, buying a house, having children and possibly starting a business. Sounds like a fun life, right? However, as we age we are also faced with real-life problems like stress, failing relationships and diminishing health. But let’s talk about something that the “sandwich generation” is… Read more

Investing in U.S. Real Estate: Tax Information for Non-residents

Given the U.S. property market’s troubles in recent years, attractive investments, especially in Florida, have been acquired at bargain rates. Among the beneficiaries of these opportunities are foreign nationals. It makes sense, after all, to invest here. In addition to the real estate market’s downturn, here are the reasons that Wealth Management cites for the… Read more