Big News for 2016!

As a woman in the financial field, I’d felt alone, and pressured to do business like the good ol’ boys. But, despite this pressure, I had the urge to help my fellow girlfriends take a bigger role in determining their financial future because the statistics for women are too urgent to ignore:

According to Sallie Krawcheck, former CEO of Bank of America and founder of Ellevate “Women retire with 2/3 the savings of men, live 6 to 8 years longer, and have higher medical costs.”

Zooming in to Miami, a local study by TCI and Kaufman Rossin ranked the top obstacles to success for women: “women have advice mentorship, men have sponsors,” “family demands get in the way,” and “women aren’t given as many opportunities for high profile assignments.”

My desire to change painful statistics is why I created {my man is not} MY PLAN almost three years ago. {my man is not} MY PLAN is a network of 1,000+ Miami wealth creation partners that sustain, support and strengthen modern women to make decisions.

Making my dream of {my man is not} MY PLAN into a reality has been an adventure with numerous failures and challenges, but ultimately, joys. Joys like sold out events, workshops where women gain confidence, and support from local businesses with economic clout. This tells me that {my man is not} MY PLAN is moving in the right direction.

Motivational speaker Tony Robbins improved his drives in golf by simply adjusting where he hit the ball. He calls this the 2mm difference. In a nut shell, shifting something as minor as perception, direction, and team, leads to momentum, energy and ultimately success. I firmly believe that we’ve found the way we are going to change our happiness, families, and community in order to succeed.
Path forward for 2016

We will blossom in 2016 as {my man is not} MY PLAN focuses on helping you with three initiatives:

1. Sustainability – Know thyself and improve effectively.

Things happen to all of us at the least opportune times. However, at a certain point in one’s life, ownership has to occur in order to find fulfillment. {my man is not} MY PLAN will help you gain control of obstacles holding you back in order to overcome them and improve your effectiveness.

2. Support – If women continue to feel unique and alone in their problems — no matter how small — things won’t progress.

The more I talk to women of different races and ages, the more I realize we have the same problems and yearn for mentoring, sponsorship and belonging. So, rather than think ‘how do I serve myself?’ we need to think ‘how do I serve others?” It’s that connection and support that makes us light up and shine. {my man is not} MY PLAN will help support you, so that you can light up and enable your potential to shine through.

3. Collaboration – Mundane interactions aren’t enough. We are shifting to meaningful experiences.

We will consistently bring experts to inspire change because teams, friendships, sponsorships, new business and a sense of community emerge when we collaborate. This shifts the rules of operation from mundane to meaningful. Although we love technology, we yearn for real connection. When someone makes a big decision, they go within their personal network and find a trustworthy candidate to be their beacon of light. {my man is not} MY PLAN will support you in collaborating and connecting meaningfully, so that you can expand your network.

Big wins on the horizon!

To conclude our last message of 2015, I’m telling you, 2016 is going to be huge! It’s going to be big because the win of one of us will be the win of all of us. No longer will the “she got hers, therefore I won’t get mine” attitude persist. We will be celebrating more because every time a woman wins, she wins for all of us. Her win establishes a new norm — a new reality that become achievable for all of us, and leads to the incremental success that will change the statistics for each of us!

Here’s to winning in 2016! We’ve started in Miami, Florida, but the U.S. and the world are next!