Women in business still face many unspoken realities


Women still take home less pay

We earn 63 cents to every dollar earned by a male owned company. We have proven that by branding to women we can create more business opportunities for our members. 1


Women are still primary caregivers

Married women plan and manage 67% of child and household duties, women head 8 out of 10 single parent families, and 12% of all American women are caring for a sick relative or elder parent. We know that women place a high value on balance. We provide a meaningful way to connect with others and promote yourself while carrying out your personal life. 2, 3


Women are still not financially planning

Women’s earnings peak in the mid 30’s, while men’s peak in their 60’s. Once retired, women have a median income 42% lower than men, while living longer. We have the belief that earning more pay and investing is a must do, or else risk depending on someone else. 4